Al Richards - Backcountry Institute

avalanche backcountry utah Dec 31, 2019

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"Hey, this is Al with Backcountry Institute. As a mountain instructor and  motorized avalanche educator, we rely on our local Avalanche Center to give us bullseye information. To keep our clients and our students safe on the mountain. Support your local Avalanche Center."

Alan or ‘Big Al’ as his friends call him grew up in South Jordan, Utah and spent every day he could playing in the Canyons along the Wasatch Front. As an avid snowboarder and mountain biker, the Wasatch was his playground. After a stint overseas doing humanitarian work in the Balkans, Alan returned to Utah to attend school and start a family. Alan is an avid and enthusiastic backcountry snowmobiler and worked as a Snowmobile and Outdoor Adventure Guide for High Time Outdoor Adventures where he would spend 100+ days a year on a sled in the Utah Backcountry. Alan is a lifelong learner and builds on his backcountry knowledge each and...

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Nate Zollinger - ZBROZ Racing chats with Paige Pagnucco and Toby Weed with UAC

avalanche uac zbroz racing Dec 23, 2019

This is Nate from ZBROZ Racing. Today I'm here with Paige and Toby from the Utah Avalanche Center. These are our local forecasters and we want to talk about why you want to support your local forecasters and really dive into the areas where you guys are riding, we get out there every day to collect the data on the snow to keep you informed as two conditions out there.

And we count on support from people like you who are out riding in the backcountry using our forecast, to maintain our program and get you the information that you need that can help save your life.

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Support Your Local Avalanche Center Today!

2019 avalanche tshirt Nov 29, 2019

So what does your local avalanche center do for you? Your local avalanche center is your boots on the snow connection to all things avalanche. Forecasters are out early in the morning and late at night, digging snow pits looking at snow structure. They're teaching avalanche classes, giving you a workable skill set so that you can safely navigate through dangerous avalanche terrain. Most importantly, they're helping us as a community, get home at the end of the day safely to our family.

As back country enthusiasts, avalanche forecasting is vital to a good day in the mountains. Here in Utah, the Utah Avalanche Center offers a daily forecast for eight different mountain regions, and it's free!

Help keep this good thing and show your support for your local avalanche Center by purchasing one of these shirts.

Hey the bottom line is, avalanches don't care that we're experts at our sport, whether we're skiers boarders, sledders hunters, hikers or scouting groups. One thing is for...

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