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avalanche backcountry utah Dec 31, 2019

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"Hey, this is Al with Backcountry Institute. As a mountain instructor and  motorized avalanche educator, we rely on our local Avalanche Center to give us bullseye information. To keep our clients and our students safe on the mountain. Support your local Avalanche Center."

Alan or ‘Big Al’ as his friends call him grew up in South Jordan, Utah and spent every day he could playing in the Canyons along the Wasatch Front. As an avid snowboarder and mountain biker, the Wasatch was his playground. After a stint overseas doing humanitarian work in the Balkans, Alan returned to Utah to attend school and start a family. Alan is an avid and enthusiastic backcountry snowmobiler and worked as a Snowmobile and Outdoor Adventure Guide for High Time Outdoor Adventures where he would spend 100+ days a year on a sled in the Utah Backcountry. Alan is a lifelong learner and builds on his backcountry knowledge each and every day, he has a go, go, go never slow down, never stop personality. Since taking his first formal backcountry avalanche course from Craig Gordon through the UAC in 2007 he has worked tirelessly to increase the level of avalanche education within the motorized backcountry community and to build relationships and trust between the UAC, dealers, manufacturers, DNR and US Forest Service district rangers, and land managers. Alan has served on the board for Davis County Snowmobile Club (DCSC) and Utah Snowmobile Association (USA) and still serves on the USA board as a liaison with UAC. Alan is one of the founders and owners of Backcountry Institutes LLC (BCI). BCI is responsible for much of the formal motorized avalanche education in Utah teaching both avalanche specific as well as riding skills courses. BCI instructors teach the Motorized Backcountry 101 courses for the UAC as well as public, private and specialized Motorized Level 1, Motorized Companion Rescue, Backcountry Riding Skills classes as well as SAR specific courses to individual county winter rescue teams. When he's not on a sled or a snowbike, Alan can be found pounding out miles of single track on his mountain bike (single track therapy)l; climbing mountain passes and gaining elevation on his road bike (pedal therapy); twisting the throttle on his Harley on a twisty mountain road (Wind Therapy); or watching one of his 5 kids play soccer or run track (Life Therapy)......... either way Alan needs a lot of therapy. Alan works professionally in the financial services industry


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