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Victor McNeil - Wallowa Avalanche Center

This is Victor McNeil and I'm the executive director and lead forecaster for the Wallowa Avalanche Center, located in northeast Oregon. We serve a variety of user groups including backcountry skiers, split borders, snowmobilers snow shoers and cross country skiers. We are a small nonprofit avalanche center, and all of our funding comes from donations events and sponsorship. As a type two avalanche center, we put out two avalanche forecasts a week, those come out on Thursday and Saturday mornings at 7am. Along with our avalanche forecasting we provide a number of education opportunities in the region, including free avalanche awareness presentations, companion rescue clinics for skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers, and we're also offering some AIARE avalanche education courses. This winter we'll have a level one, level two and a motorized level one, which we're really excited about. Along with the education, we also maintain a number of weather stations throughout the Wallowa and Elkhorn mountains. These weather stations are incredibly useful for not only the forecasters, but also recreationalists alike. To view any of the information including an avalanche forecasts, observations or whether, visit us at


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