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Uncategorized Dec 03, 2019

Please support our friends at the Colorado Avalanche Information Center!

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Aaron Carlson - Exec. Director, Friends of CAIC

I grew up in Minnesota, I started cross country skiing at age five snow was just a part of our lives. I learned very quickly that snow can be very dangerous and deadly. And so I wanted to learn as much as I could about how I can recreate in the snow and stay safe.

We threw the first CAIC benefit bash because we were backcountry users. We saw a hole in funding and we thought we could do something. And that launched me into this career of fundraising for avalanche safety.

The Friends of CAIC has been growing pretty substantially over the last decade. And what we're trying to do is build this organization that can financially support 10 backcountry forecasters throughout the state of Colorado. We're trying to bring our education program Know Before You Go to every eighth grader in the mountain communities in Colorado.

Colorado, out of all the states in the US has the most people die in avalanches every year. And then on top of both of those things we're trying to build a seamless integration between the mobile and web applications, so that people have technology that's current.

Whether you use the avalanche center every day, once a year or just travel through the mountain corridors of Colorado. I urge you to consider a donation to the Friends of CAIC and help us make our vision a reality.


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